our mission

To bring people together in unique situations and remarkable experiences, creating beautiful memories and bonds that last a lifetime. 


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A few years ago, I heard the TED talk “What makes a good life? Lesson from the longest study on happiness." As Robert Waldinger, the current Director of The Harvard Study of Adult Development says,


“social connections are really good for us,

and loneliness kills”. 


I realized that what I love about Italy (besides the gorgeous historic building and the incredibly tasty food) was “la dolce vita.” Even in a hectic metropolitan city like Milan, people still take time to meet up at the corner café just to chat for hours with a good friend. I want to share that lifestyle with you.


I want you live that dolce vita feeling.

I want you to make those social connections.

I want you to build those bonds.


With Doing Italy and the Doing Italy tours, my goal is to give you an authentic taste of that Italian life that is recognized all over the world and that I have personally come to love. Maybe that’s on a day event, a one week tour, or by helping you begin a new chapter of your life in Italy.